Kinetics Sports Alliance

Empowering Athletes,
Building Character

Join one of Singapore’s leading badminton academies and be part of a legacy over two decades strong. Discover a world-class training environment where talent meets dedication, and dreams take flight.

Elite Coaching Team

Elite Coaching Team – Comprising NROC Certified Coaches with Extensive Experience and Competitive Backgrounds, Headed by the Expertise of BWF Level 2 Coach, Pang Zhi Kang.

Multiple Locations Island wide

Select your preferred location from a range of convenient options across the island. Your training, your choice!

Legacy of Champions

Join the ranks of winners with our 20-year history of cultivating top-tier badminton talent in Singapore.

Kinetics Sports Alliance

Singapore’s home of badminton excellence for over 20 years. At KSA, we blend tradition with innovation to cultivate not just skilled players, but true ambassadors of the sport. Our journey began with a simple vision: to provide a platform where passion for badminton can flourish under expert guidance. Today, we stand proud as a nurturing ground for talent, recognized nationally and internationally. Join us, and be a part of our ongoing legacy.

Our Vision

To be Singapore’s premier badminton academy, shaping world-class talent and igniting a lifelong passion for the sport.

Our Mission

At KSA, our mission is to empower athletes to realize their full potential, both on and off the court. We adopt a player-centered approach, prioritizing the holistic development of skills, character, and resilience. Committed to fostering a positive and inclusive team culture, we uphold values of teamwork, discipline, and continuous growth. Beyond victories on the scoreboard, our goal is to shape individuals who embody integrity, leadership, and a lifelong love for the game. Together, we strive for excellence, creating a supportive community where every athlete is valued and challenged to become the best version of themselves.

Programs and Training

At Kinetics Sports Alliance, we believe in nurturing talent at every level. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to cater to a wide range of abilities and aspirations, from beginners to elite athletes. Explore our diverse offerings and find the perfect fit for your badminton journey.


Beginner Programs

A welcoming introduction to badminton, focusing on basic skills, coordination, and igniting a passion for the sport.


Intermediate Training

Enhance your skills and strategic understanding of the game, preparing you for competitive challenges.


Advanced Coaching

Intensive, personalized coaching aimed at refining techniques and preparing players for professional-level competition.



Unleash your potential on the global stage with the exclusive KSA Excellence Sponsorship. Stand out and excel as players have the opportunity to participate in overseas tournaments fully sponsored, including apparel, equipment, training, and more. 

Our Schedule and Fees

We offer a variety of session timings and program options to suit different needs and skill levels, all provided with upfront, transparent pricing. Find the perfect fit for your badminton journey with us.


Ready to Join the Champions?

Take the first step towards your badminton aspirations with Kinetics Sports Alliance. Whether you’re a beginner or aspiring to compete at higher levels, we’re here to guide you on your journey.

Get in touch with us

We’re always ready to welcome new talent and address any inquiries you may have. Whether you’re interested in enrolling, have questions about our programs, or simply want to learn more about our academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome players of all ages and skill levels. Our programs are segmented into different age groups and skill levels to provide the most suitable training for everyone.

No prior experience is necessary. We have beginner programs designed specifically for those new to the sport, focusing on basic skills and the fundamentals of badminton.

You can enroll by contacting us directly through our website or by phone. Our team will guide you through the enrollment process and help you select the program that best fits your needs and goals.

Yes, we offer trial sessions for new students. This is a great way to experience our training environment and coaching style before making a commitment.

Our academy stands out due to our experienced coaching staff and a track record of over 20 years in nurturing badminton talents. We focus on holistic development, ensuring that each player not only improves their game but also grows personally and athletically.

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